About the hotel 

"The Cotahuasi Canyon" is one of the deepest canyons in the world yet still a very unknown destination for tourists, which makes it very atractive to people looking to enjoy nature  while getting to know local people and former traditions.


Both of the antique hotel buildings date at 1920 and were built by our grandparents. In the 80's due to the unstable political situation in Peru, our parents were forced to leave the town. Some years later, thanks to a lot of hard work, we were able to buy and renovate the once beautiful houses and gardens which now you can enjoy during your stay at Vallehermoso.


We and our employees are local people, who love Cotahuasi and who care very much about making your days in Cotahuasi unforgettable. Come and meet "Picaflor", the hotel borned and raised llama and "Danka", the friendliest dog ever.


Cotahuasi and Vallehermoso await for you!